Late Saturday afternoon I finished spraying the beans and sweet corn hopefully for the last time this year. The bean field in the picture was planted in early June which was about a month later than normal. The herbicides did a very good job of controlling the weeds in this bean field. However, I still sprayed it one more time Saturday

Due to label restrictions and the wet weather this spring messing up herbicide applications I had to make one more pass with the sprayer. I was concerned about waterhemp. Waterhemp begins germinating later in the spring and continues well into even late summer.

Because the beans were planted later they have not grown enough to shade all the soil between the rows. That is an opportunity for waterhemp to germinate and compete with the beans later in the season. So, I sprayed a group 15 herbicide with soil activity for another 40 days to keep the waterhemp from emerging.

When I was done I rinsed the sprayer and parked it in the shed. It was not winterized yet just in case I still have to spray a field. If soybeans need to be sprayed for aphids I have the Coop spray the field with an insecticide.


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