Career-finding website Zippia revealed its list of the weirdest town names in each state, and some of them are pretty out-there.

Apparently work for the folks over at has been a little slow during COVID-19. They recently revealed a list of the weirdest, most out-there town names in each state. It's a good read. I mean, did you know there's a Paint Lick, Kentucky? Or Catfish Paradise, Arizona? Would you visit Satan's Kingdom, Massachusetts?

Naturally, we were curious to know what they'd pick as Minnesota's weirdest-named town, and you probably are, too. We'll get to that in a minute. First, though, we thought we'd share the most out-there town names of our neighborly states.

Zap, North Dakota

With a population of just 231 in 2018, Zap, ND prides itself as " The little town with a big heart," though the Zip to Zap Riot of 1969 may be one of the more fascinating marks in the little town's history.

Plenty Bears, South Dakota

An unincorporated community in southwest South Dakota, it's entirely possible that there are, in fact, plenty more bears than people. Perhaps not coincidentally, Plenty Bears was also named South Dakota's quirkiest town name by The Daily Meal back in 2018 as well.

What Cheer, Iowa

We're not sure if this one's a question or a exclamation, as in "What cheer?" or "What cheer!" Apparently, What Cheer used to be quite the booming coal town back in the day, and according to its 4.7 out of 5 star review on Facebook, the What Cheer Flea Market is still one of the best in the state of Iowa!

Egg Harbor, Wisconsin

While its name may not suggest much, Egg Harbor in Door County, Wisconsin actually boasts itself for its numerous golf courses and award-winning performing artsrenowned galleries and shopsdelectable eateries, and pampering accomodations. With a population of just 202 (2018), Egg Harbor may be the perfect little escape.

And finally, the town name you really came here for. According to Zippia (with absolutely no evidential or definitive reasoning for naming it as such) Minnesota's oddest-named town is...Castle Danger.

Yup. Despite other cities and towns with names like Climax, Ball Club, Embarrass, Nimrod, Sleepy Eye, and Ottertail, the North Shore destination known for its scenic landscape and one of the best craft breweries in Minnesota earned itself the title of weirdest-named town (it's actually an unincorporated community and part of Two Harbors) in Minnesota by Zippia.

Oddly-named or not, we're proud of Castle Danger, and if out-of-staters choose not to visit on merit of its name, that's ok with us -- we'd rather have it all to ourselves! Check out Zippia's full list of weird town names in each state here.

What do YOU think is Minnesota's weirdest or most out-there town name?

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