The weather has been very strange in Minnesota this year. In one area, a mysterious 'poop' substance rained down briefly.

Sometimes it is rough living in the Land of 10,000 Lakes, because it feels like winter never ends and we get hit with three months of sweaty humidity. We're finally getting to that point where the temps are warming up and most of the snow mounds of melted away (R.I.P. Mount Eden Prairie).

According to WCCO, a stinky mess rained down that made one Minnesota family believe it was feces. The incident happened this past Monday (May 15th, 2023) while a woman was going through a drive-thru at a Caribou Coffee location in Burnsville, Minnesota.

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I could not imagine what would go through my mind if that happened. I'm waiting in line to get coffee, then all of a sudden my car gets splattered with a stinky brown liquid, gross.


The woman states that she immediately got out of the car and asked the car in front of them "What just happened to us?". The person in the car also did not have an explanation as to what it was.

Even the Caribou worker handing out coffee said it smelled petty bad. The Caribou was located in a flight path, so could it have been human waste from an airplane flying over?

According to Passport Health, when a plane lands, a crew will come over to the plane with a special truck that is used to siphon out the waste and into the underground sewage system of the airport. Could it be possible that it wasn't tightened all the way and a little bit leaked out of a plane's septic tank?

Whatever it was, hopefully, she ran it through a car wash multiple times.

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