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This is one odd attraction. I'd say it's one of the weirdest Minnesota attractions and it's only about 30 miles from Rochester, Minnesota. It's located in Wykoff, Minnesota is called Ed's Museum. Sounds like it could be pretty normal until you learn a little more about Ed.

Ed was born in 1898. in 1933 he moved into Wykoff's small Jack Sprat Food Store, according to RoadsideAmerica.com. People always knew Ed as a "colorful character" but when his wife passed away in 1940, he became very messy.

He kept EVERYTHING. He lived in such a mess and people who knew him said he didn't mind. Ed died at the age of 91 in 1989 and had one last wish: that the store and everything inside would go to the city of Wykoff and be turned into a museum.

The funny thing is, RoadsideAmerica.com writes that Ed "didn't save for the sake of preserving important artifacts of 20th century Americana, he just saved whatever came his way." So the city had all of this junk to go through and somehow make a museum!  Connie, who was one of the people who helped clean out the old store, said they took away six truckloads of trash! Everything else they somehow organized and put nicely on display as a museum.

There are random things in Ed's Museum like old oatmeal tins, junk mail, and old signs. But the weirdest thing of all: Ed's dead cat, Sammy, who died in 1986 is in a box on one of the shelves. He's not stuffed or anything, Connie says "'He's just in there.'"

Ed's Museum is located at 100 S. Gold St., Wykoff, MN.

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