Here's a UFO sighting that's really close to home: a tourist visiting Ely spotted something supernatural in the sky while soaking in the stars in town one night.

This is hardly the first or only supernatural sighting in the Northland. There have been dozens over the years. In fact, in January of this year, a Northlander driving over the Bong Bridge spotted something spooky in the sky.

Prior to that, a Duluthian reported seeing a snake-like light formation in the sky. It happened on Scenic Highway while the person who saw it was heading back to Duluth. This was just another example of spooky sightings in the Northland.

A possible UFO sighting in Eveleth also made major headlines as it was caught on camera! A strange orb was caught on security camera outside of the home and was taken one night in late August.

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There are so many strange sightings that it is getting hard to deny that aliens or UFOs are just a figment of our imagination. The latest example of a sighting close to home comes from Ely, just about a two hour drive north of Duluth.

The sighting happened in late February but wasn't shared until last month. The sighting happened around 7:30 in the evening and lasted about five minutes total, according to the report.

The sighting is described as a "bright green object moving upward" with lights on it. The report says that the object left a trail of some sort and there was an "aura or haze" around it. Hmmmm....sounds spooky to me.

The person who reported the strange sighting was in Ely visiting, stating in the report that they were taking a photo of the night stars outside the rental cabin they were staying in. That's when they noticed a "bright glowing green something" that they say did not look like a star or plane.

They state that they didn't have their glasses on but managed to take a few photos on their iPhone for proof. You can see the handful of pictures on the National UFO Reporting Center's website, which includes a crystal clear shot of the orb in question.

It seems Northern Minnesota is becoming a hotbed for sightings like this! I will say, one of the photos really looks like it could be something, like a green tic-tac shape. The reporter of the sighting also says the orb was rectangular in shape.

The chances of this tourist returning to Ely? If I saw something like this, I would probably run for the hills. Ha!

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It isn't all aliens and UFOs though. There are also Bigfoot sightings from time to time in the Northland, but they are definitely less frequent than alien sightings. One creepy example of a Bigfoot sighting comes from Wisconsin, where a local last summer says they spotted the creature while driving on a windy road at night.

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