In the current times, it really isn't that surprising when there is a UFO sighting anywhere. The same can be said for the Northland, where we have several supernatural sightings on any given month or year.

We have had plenty in the Northland over the years. At the end of the year, there were two UFO sightings in Duluth in the course of a month! There are also many all over the state as well. There has to be something about them, right?

Now, there has been another sighting of something spooky in the sky. This happened in late 2022 but I just came across it now as I was browsing the National UFO Reporting Center's website. It is something I do for fun every once in awhile.

The exact sighting happened in Hibbing near the Kelly Lake area. It happened on November 20th, right before Thanksgiving. According to the report, the sighting only lasted for three minutes but probably felt a lot longer.

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Details on the alleged sighting are mum but the person who spotted this odd object in the sky says there were lights on it. The person who reported the sighting also said it was moving slowly in a southeastern direction and headed away from town.

The spookiest part of the sighting is that the object "stopped moving and hovered" as the person drove past it. There may really be something to the sighting, especially considering there was another sighting in Hibbing last year.

In that particular report, the person who saw the object in the sky was in the hot tub at night when they looked up and saw something "distinct" and ghostly in the shape of a V. They stargaze each night, they said, so they are familiar with what is and isn't normal.

In other UFO-related news, someone spotted a UFO research vehicle in the area! I have so many questions about this. Who owns it? What do they use it for? How do they use it to get UFO research? I want to know.

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