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We have many strange water towers in Minnesota that will make you do a double-take. Of course, the Rochester, Minnesota ear of corn water tower had to make the list! Another on the list is the smiley face water tower in Freeport that I used to drive by all the time on my way to college.

Other than the ear of corn water tower and the smiley face water tower, there are a few other water towers that are on the list for their unique paint job. Others are old, historical water towers, and one is unique because of the phrase on the water tower.

We'll be going from Pipestone in southwest Minnesota right on the South Dakota border, up to Buhl which is in Northern Minnesota northwest of Duluth. Take a look at all 13 of these odd water towers around Minnesota and if I missed any, let me know!

13 Odd Water Towers Around Minnesota that Will Make You Do a Double-Take

We know there's the ear of corn water tower in Rochester, Minnesota, but there are plenty of other odd water towers throughout the state that will make you do a double-take.

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