City of Faribault Emergency Management Director/Fire Chief Dusty Dienst stops by KDHL for AM Minnesota 9:30 this morning.  We talked last week primarily about grass fire season.  Today we will discuss, among other things, cleanup from the tornadoes that struck the area last September.

I noticed a number of people in their yards on Saturday cleaning up the many branches still left over from the event.  A group of Shattuck School students will be assisting the city with cleanup at the airport site this Friday.  It's part of their community service component as well as a good lesson for Arbor Day.

With a snowstorm taking out much of Severe Weather Awareness Week in Minnesota a couple weeks ago we will see if the event has been rescheduled.

There have been a few home explosions over the past couple of weeks across the country including one in St. Paul on Saturday.

A 74 year old St. Paul man was rescued from his burning home by two of his neighbors who were working outside when the house exploded and burst into flames.  Israel Melendez and Paul Warner told reporters they were working on a truck about 2:00 p.m. Saturday when they heard this loud boom.  They saw flames and debris falling around the house owned by Michael Schultz.  Melendez broke through a window and with the help of Warner they were able to move him to safety.

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