This program was booked about a month ago.  Long before the shootings in Florida and the recent controversy surrounding the dismissal of the Bethlehem Academy Head Volleyball Coach.  George Wickstrom is a big believer in "The Virtues Project" and will be on today's KDHL AM Minnesota program at 9:30 a.m.  We will be joined by former Faribault United Way Executive Director Marcia Morris-Beck.

Virtues Project International was started as a Canadian corporation in 1991and has spread to more than 100 countries.  Their website says, "The Virtues Project began with an idea--that all children are born with the virtues in potential, and that when parents and educators awaken these gifts of character, we can change the world."

The Project is not affiliated with any specific faith but draws it's research from all sacred traditions.

"The idea evolved into Five Strategies for bringing virtues to life, from birth to death.  They not only help us raise kinder kids but to companion the dying in a compassionate and meaningful way."

The Virtues Project calls virtues, "the essence of the human spirit and the content of our character."

If you can't listen at 9:30 a.m. we do videotape the program and upload it to our YouTube channel

More information is also available at

The Virtues Project Materials. Provided by local facilitators
The Virtues Project Materials. Provided by local facilitators

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