Rice County Central Veterans Association Commander John McDonough says the organization was please with how Memorial Day observances were conducted.  That's why they approached KDHL about broadcasting their event this Wednesday, November 11, 2020 at the Courthouse in Faribault.

Thanks to Rice County Veterans Services KDHL will be broadcasting the very brief observances from the Veterans Memorial on the north lawn of the Rice County Courthouse in Faribault.

McDonough and Rice County Sheriff Troy Dunn were guests on AM Minnesota to talk about this Wednesday's observances.

Dunn says people can attend in person but must wear a mask, stay with their own family and stay socially distanced from others.  He's happy the event is being broadcast so everyone can still take in the event and be safe.

Dunn encourages people to take the time to see the Veterans Memorial at the courthouse, "The pavers out there, the sculptures, it's just an amazing place.  So kudos to everybody who did the work there to get that done.  We're going to be out there making sure we're safely recognizing the Veterans on Wednesday."

Dunn says, "You can either park in the Government Center parking lot (west of the courthouse) or on 2nd Avenue between the courthouse and the Sheriff's Office.  We ask that you don't park on 4th Street because that's four lanes. There's no parking out there. You can park on both sides (of 2nd Avenue).  It's a legal holiday for  county, federal and state buildings so there will be no employees at the Government Center so that's why if you want to park in that lot feel free to do that."

McDonough told KDHL listeners, "The reason we asked Troy in on it is to keep everybody safe.  We want as many people as possible to come down and join us but we want you to maintain social distancing and wear a mask."

"We're asking everybody to wear a mask." McDonough adds, " The Honor Guard is going to be wearing masks and they will be spaced six feet apart.  Probably in two or three rows instead of being lined up in one row like they normally do."

McDonough also encouraged Veterans to stop by the south side of the American Legion in Faribault beginning 12:30 p.m. Wednesday to receive a free turkey from Jennie-O Turkey Store.

You must have some identification showing you are a Veteran to receive the turkey.

Below is the conversation we had this morning:


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