Rice County Attorney John Fossum joins us on AM Minnesota at 9:30AM today to educate us about the various ways people can protect themselves when they feel threatened.

The tragedy at the Faribault Chamber building December 23, 2016, involved a divorced couple, and authorities stated earlier in the week the victim had a harassment restraining order served on her husband. There are also orders for protection.

Fossum will educate us about the differences and what is needed to get one of these.

Does the victim need to prove they are being harassed? We will find out when John Fossum visits with us this morning.

You may be in this situation or know somebody who is.

If you can't tune in this morning go to www.youtube.com/user/KDHLRadio and watch the program at a more convenient time.

I was told the harassment restraining order was not as effective as the order for protection, but we will see what the county attorney thinks.

Rice County Courthouse Faribault, Mn.
Rice County Courthouse Faribault, Mn.

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