Mother Nature sure threw a number of "curve balls" this growing season. There was the drought plus a number of soybean diseases that have now shown up late in the season. Plus, many of those soybean disease you would not expect to see in a hot and dry growing season. I am referring to white mold and sudden death syndrome. I have also been hearing about brown stem rot that we have not seen a lot of in recent years.

Jay Zielske Agronomist with Pioneer was my guest on today's AM Minnesota program where we talked about all these diseases and the impact of the drought on our soybean crop. On a positive note, one of Jay's farmers North of Mankato harvested a field of group 1.1 maturity beans over the weekend. The yield ranged from 35 bushel an acre to 58 bushel an acre.

The 35 bushel an acre was areas of light sandy soil that had lower water holding capacity. The 58 bushel an acre was heavier soil with much more water holding capacity. I am sure that is going to be very evident with in fields as we get into harvest. Plus, there is another factor that will greatly affect corn and soybean yields this year. That will be were you lucky enough to catch one of those spotty rains when you really needed it? Click on the link and listen to Pioneer Agronomist Jay Zielske discuss soybean yield potential this fall!

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