After the loss to the Philadelphia Eagles last night, 24-7, Minnesota Vikings fans took to social media to share their frustrations about the game, in which it seemed the Vikings just couldn't get going on both offense and defense. One Minnesota Vikings fan on Twitter went so far as to share his conspiracy theory as to why the Minnesota Vikings can't seem to get regular W's at night in prime time with Cousins as the quarterback.

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It’s late enough now that I can post my conspiracy theory that Kirk Cousins has astigmatism so he can’t see for s*** at night when the field is lit up by bright lights.

I have astigmatism, and I HATE driving at night or quite frankly anytime around dawn/dusk. I have corrective lenses that address my issue, but I still struggle with seeing when there are a bunch of bright lights shining down. I get those little halos around the lights.

If in fact, this conspiracy comes out to be true to some degree, it would explain why Kirk seems to play better during the day than at night, but he has won on Monday night before, and even on Sunday night.

Let's be honest I think we are all just looking for an excuse for the game last night, especially after the team looked pretty solid in beating the Packers last week at home.

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