How I Missed the “Minneapolis Miracle”
Growing up in Minnesota there are two things every person knows when it comes to sports. The first is hockey, whether you grew up playing the game, or just watching it on television, A LOT of Minnesotans know the game of hockey. The second thing every person knows about sports in Minnesota is...the …
DirecTV May Issue Refunds
Have DirecTV? They host the NFL Sunday Ticket. That's a package for viewers to watch any game around the league. Well if you call and want to cancel your subscription because of the NFL Players taking a knee and you are offended by it, you might get a refund.
NFL Picks This Week
Well I got 50 percent of my winners right last week. Atlanta downed the Seahawks 36-20. I had Seattle by 10. Then I thought Dallas would take Green Bay out but the Packers got a break and won 34-31. I said the Patriots would win over Houston by 13, and they won by 18...

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