When you are not really rooting for one team or the other in the biggest football game of the year I tend to pay more attention to the commercials. Typically I have one or two that I think are really cute or creative. Granted I did not see all the commercials but there was on early in the game that would definitely be my least favorite! Even though I am not much of a beer drinker typically I enjoy the beer commercials.

However, not the beer commercial I saw tonight. It looked like workers in Medieval Times trying to deliver a huge keg of corn syrup. They kept going to different breweries trying to deliver the corn syrup. All of them said we do not want it, we don't use corn syrup. Finally one of them mentioned the brand that used corn syrup. The message was their beer is better because we do not use corn syrup! The problem is I and a lot of other farmers grow the corn that is used to make the corn syrup!

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