The 34th Annual Morristown Dam Days Celebration runs this Friday through Sunday in, "The Best Little Town by a Dam Site."  Celebration Chairman Steve Nordmeier joined us on the KDHL AM Minnesota program today to outline specifics of the events.  The Twilight Parade has always been a favorite of people from throughout the region.

I've announced the parade for a number of years and once again purchased some of the $2 Dam Days buttons to give away before the parade begins.  If you watch the parade from my announcing area you have a chance to receive one of those buttons which is required to get into a number of the community celebration events.  Typically I ask some questions and for the most part I believe people have had fun guessing over the years.

Nordmeier told us the Miss Morristown Queen Pageant at the Morristown Community Center was packed Wednesday night.  Miss Minnesota Micahelene Karlen was there and danced for the crowd.  Kelsey Kuball was crowned Miss Morristown.  Payton Polzin is the 1st Princess and Lisa Samerow the 2nd Princess.

We had a nice visit with the ladies following our AM Minnesota program.

The buttons are $2 and have a cameo military theme because the Grand Marshals for this year's celebration are Vietnam Veterans.

Street dance Friday night features, "Old Country Boys" at 9:00 p.m.  No one under 21 can attend.

Street dance Saturday evening features, "Smokescreen" with a $5 cover charge.  No one under 21 can attend.




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