Who knows what this guy was thinking but be he certainly was doing some crazy and potentially dangerous stuff.

The man  question is Michael Brett Judy, 29 year old that lives on the 9th floor of an apartment building in Minneapolis. Judy had recently been served with eviction paperwork, which could be in-part be what set him off.

It all started on January 3rd, according to fox9.com, when a caller reported almost being hit by furniture thrown from a 9th floor balcony. An hour earlier, a driver complained that a cereal bowl had hit the hood of his car as he was driving by the same apartment building.

The next day, just before midnight in front of the same building, the driver of a shuttle van with 9 passengers reported that a black dumbbell hit the roof of the van denting the roof right above a passenger's head.

According to police, movement was detected on the balcony of apartment 903 in both instances.

January 5th, a car driving by the same building had a wine bottle smash his windshield and , once again, movement was detected on 903's balcony buy security cameras.

Minneapolis Police continued to watch the balcony in question and observed Judy targeting passing cars from his balcony with items including a coffee maker, coffee pot, milk jug and a cordless drill.

Michael Brett Judy eventually surrendered to police and was taken into custody.

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