'Tis the season! Many Minnesotans are taking to frozen lakes across the state to get in some fishing. Whether you are just out for fun, or you are super serious about ice fishing it's always important to stay warm. A recent trip to a local business had me double-taking one product that is a staple item to bring with you out on the lake, namely because it is manufactured right up the river from the station. Have you ever heard of or seen the Heat Hog?

I was invited to Handyman's Hardware this afternoon to check out the store, meet the employees, and tag along on a hardware run with one of our salesmen. While I was getting shown around the store, my "tour guide" Ashley asked the two of us if we wanted to check out something new to the store, that was also made locally. Both of us nodded yes, and off we went, back towards the front of the store, and were shown the Heat Hog heaters that they have for sale.

I'll be the first to tell you that I couldn't list off every single thing made in Minnesota, or really for that matter everything that is produced here in Central Minnesota, so I was pretty impressed that Sauk Rapids offers up the Heat Hog, which is made by Pinnacle Climate Technologies, Inc.

The little heater offers up a tilting feature to angle the heat where you need it in your portable fish house, and you can use a 1-pound cylinder with it, which is pretty awesome to see, and really quite practical.

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I looked around online for more of a background on the Heat Hog, but what I found was pretty limited, so if you know more about the story behind the 'hog' reach out and let me know through our free app!

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