Turns out there's a super secret, 4-letter code that could appear on your boarding pass when you fly. If this code is on your boarding pass your travel plans will definitely be delayed. Let me fill you in so you can be prepared.

I was today years old when I learned about this code. I'm kind of surprised I didn't know about it sooner because my dad has worked for an airline my whole life, and yet I never knew about this. But now I'll be checking my boarding pass every time I fly.

Secret Code on Your Boarding Pass that Will Delay Your Travels

This 4-letter code is a signal to TSA to do an extra security check on you. The code to look for on your boarding pass is 'SSSS' which stands for 'Secondary Security Screening Selection' according to Forbes.

The reason this would delay your travel is because, as the name suggests, you'll need to go through an extra security screening. So if you were planning on grabbing a coffee before hopping on the plane there may not be time for that anymore.

Why Did the Code Appear on my Boarding Pass?

Forbes says there are a few reasons why 'SSSS' could be on your boarding pass. One is that it was a random selection and you were just the 'lucky' winner. Another reason is that you, or someone who shares a name with you, are on the TSA watchlist. If that's the case you'll likely get the 'SSSS' code every time your fly. They also say that "buying a last minute ticket or paying cash" might get the special code added to your boarding pass since that activity is out of the ordinary.

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What to Expect if the Code is on Your Boarding Pass

The extra security screening is pretty basic and you've likely seen it happen before. Forbes says what will typically happen is you'll go through an extra metal detector, they'll do a pat-down, your hands and luggage will be swabbed to check for explosives, and if all is good they'll stamp your boarding pass saying you're good to go.

So overall, it's not a huge deal if you get the 'SSSS' code on your boarding pass, don't sweat it, but just be prepared that you'll have less time to get to your plane.

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