It's expected to be a busy travel weekend with a long 4th of July Holiday for many. Experts are expecting this to be some of the busiest travel since before COVID. Airlines have been struggling with staffing issues and weather delays across the country. Recent wildfire smoke across the country has also led to delays. Now, an airline that operates out of the Minneapolis - St. Paul Airport is telling passengers to expect long wait times.

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Ever since 9/11, we've known that due to security checkpoints, you should plan on arriving an hour and a half before your flight. Sun Country Airlines is actually telling its customers to arrive even earlier than that if their flight is out of terminal 2 at MSP airport.

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According to a social media post, Sun Country Airlines is advising passengers to arrive a full 2.5 hours before their scheduled departure due to long lines at TSA. Currently, in Terminal 2, there is only one TSA checkpoint open. The second TSA checkpoint is showing closed as of now. It's not clear if it will open for peak travel, but I'm guessing Sun Country knows that it won't be.

As you can imagine, many travelers aren't happy with this news. Some customers complained about their flights being canceled. Others stepped up to defend Sun Country and say that it's not their fault and they don't control the TSA.

Either way, if you're flying out of terminal 2, plan on getting there with plenty of time to spare.

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