4th of july

See You in North Morristown
The North Morristown July 4th Celebration is 125 years old this year and it's charm for me is its simplicity.
If aliens were to land from outer space and ask to see an example of what America is all about I would take them to this celebration in North Morristown...
Be Safe Around Fireworks
Officials with the Minnesota Department of Public Safety encourage residents to leave exploding fireworks to the experts. My dog would be in favor of such a move as well.
Crackdown on Drunken Boaters
Operation Dry Water is a national campaign aimed at deterring drinking and boating. So far this year Minnesota has recorded nine boating fatalities, which translates it into being the most deadly since 2005. In 2016 alcohol was a factor in nine of the 17 deadly boating accidents...

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