The cold weather we've been going through here in Minnesota recently is apparently nothing compared to the cold weather warnings that have been issued for Florida!

Living here in the Land of 10,000 (Now-Frozen) Lakes, we're used to dealing with the cold and snow, right? In fact, being able to heartily trudge through the winter, and often even spring, with snowstorms, blizzards, and sub-zero temperatures is something we take pride in.

Which is why the Internet, on both the Twitter and the Facebooks, are alive with Minnesotans (perhaps rightfully) mocking those Floridians who are freaking out because the temperature there has dipped into the 30's.

Now, I get it that 30-degree temperatures aren't normal. The National Weather Service in Key West issued an advisory because temperatures were going to be in "the upper 30s to low 40s across the Florida Keys tomorrow morning. Bundle up!" the advisory noted, adding that this is the coldest weather they've experienced in 9-years.

But are temps in the upper-30's and low 40's really a cause for 'bundling up'?!? Here in Minnesota, we start to expect those temperatures in September, even August sometimes, don't we? So as you might guess, there have been some snarky responses to fellow Minnesotans about warnings like that.

A friend of mine, who's a meteorologist, pretty much summed things up saying, "Wind chill advisory in Florida = Shorts weather in Minnesota!"  Too true. And another friend of mine, who's vacationing this week and is actually down in Flordia posted, "Wind chill advisory around us. The air temp is 55! We better get inside!!"


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