I wanted to see the Mega Jump Pro Dirt Jam in the Rice County Free Fair Grandstand tonight but I knew I was going to busy at the Power 96 booth so it probably wasn't going to happen. Then the torrential rain came through and messed up the track and they ended up moving the show to the empty parking lot just a few yards from our booth.

Of course with the show that close, I had to wander over and check it out. This team of BMX trick riders got the crowd pumped up and then went on to thrill them with some crazy jumps and stunts. At one time they set up a pole that they were jumping over and they kept raising the bar to show the audience what they could do.

The show lasted about an hour and I wasn't able to stay the whole time, but it sounded like they gave the crowd great evening of entertainment.

A big thank you to Jesse Marshall and his son, Kenton, for sending me some pictures to use.

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