Sunday afternoon was a picture perfect day, sunny, and warm like you would expect for July. That afternoon my daughter and I went to the Steele County Historical Society's 31st annual Extravaganza. What a great turnout there was. There were so many different things to look at, and the Village of Yesteryear was open to wander through.

Not only was the Village open to wander through, but, there were other activities and groups of people out there showcasing different times in our state history as well as showcasing their businesses.

The public got a sample of woodcarving, a barn-raising demo, and there were several campers from Camp Pillsbury performing what they have been learning. We enjoyed the singing and dancing, and watched a trapeze artist.

The Fossum Family Farm was there with samples of their Alpaca fleece and yarns, however, it was just too warm for the alpacas to be there as well. We learned a little bit about how the fleece is shorn, and how it is turned into yarns. You can learn more about them at their website.

Probably our favorite part of the Extravaganza were the people dressed up like the fur traders, or like you would see at a Rendezvous. They were so knowledgeable about that era in our history and they had several different camps set up. There was a demonstration at each of the camps, from making a game, to building a fire, as well as creating felt. They also had a scavenger hunt and a way to earn beads for the children, just by listening and learning something new.

I know we will return next year, I am looking forward to seeing what our Historical Society will have in the future. If you are interested in what is going on at the Historical Society, you can find their calendar here.

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