There are many beautiful places to get married in and around Rochester, but only one made the list of the most stunning in Minnesota. 

The list is filled with courtyards, farm land, barns, wooded areas and so much more! According to the Venue Report, they have "a wedding venue for every setting you can dream of."

I'm not at all surprised that the Mayowood Stone Barn in Rochester made the list. The Mayowood Stone Barn is No. 14 on the list with well-deserved compliments from the Venue Report: "The craftsmanship of this century-old barn and the beauty of the grounds is a winning combo for an amazing Minnesota wedding."

Bryan Jonathon Photography
Bryan Jonathon Photography

This 80-acre horse breeding farm in Willmar tops the list. Just look at how gorgeous this area is:

I'm pretty fond of the Plummer House, and definitely think it should be on the list. What Rochester venues are missing from this list?

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