Late last fall I saw a couple news stories about the color of some Enlist E3 soybean varieties had a slightly darker yellow color than conventional soybeans. I did not even know that the USDA had grading standards for the color of soybeans! When I was at the MN AG Expo in Mankato I asked David Kee the Research Director about the different colored soybeans.


David said if you are in an area where farmers have planted almost all Enlist E3 soybeans you would not notice a different color. However, when you mix those with non-Enlist E3 beans you can see the darker color. Could that result in dockage at the elevator? Could an importer reject a cargo of beans because of the different color? The quality of the beans is not any different in terms of protein or oil content. Click on the link and listen to David discuss Enlist E3 beans!

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