It's time.  The nominations are in and now it's time to cast your vote.

More than 10,000 name ideas were submitted for the Minnesota Department of Transportation's 2022-2023 Name A Snowplow Contest. Agency officials narrowed those creative nominations down, and they have released the list of 60 finalists.

Everyone is invited to make their picks; general voting will be open through Midnight on Friday, February 3. You're allowed to choose up to eight of your favorites.

MNDOT will select eight winners - one for each of the Districts that cover the state of Minnesota. The final winning names will be announced at some point in February.

Taking a quick look through the 60 finalists, the names run the gamut, with some general categories. Here is a quick look at some of those nominations that were selected:

Minnesota-Specific Names

  • Blader Tot Hotdish
  • Bobsled Dylan
  • Camp Snoopy
  • Goonodaabaan (Ojibwe word for "snow vehicle")
  • Harmon Chillebrew
  • Mary Tyler More Snow
  • Paisley Plow
  • Plowie Anderson
  • SKOL Plow
  • Spirit of '91 (a play on the year of the much-famed Halloween Mega Storm)
  • Waipahinte (Dakota word for "snow plow")

Word-plays on Celebrity Names

  • Aaron Brrr, Sir
  • Alice Scooper
  • Beyonsleigh
  • Blizzo
  • Clearopatha
  • Han Snowlo
  • Kim KarDashing Thru The Snow
  • Melton John
  • Queen El-ice-abeth II
  • Sleetwood Mac
  • Taylor Drift
  • Ted Las-snow

Phrases For Names

  • Ace of Blades
  • Ain't My First Snowdeo
  • As The Snow Flies
  • Best In Snow
  • Blades Of Flurry
  • For Cold Times' Sake
  • Here We Snow Again
  • I Came, I Thaw, I Conquered
  • It's A Squall World After All
  • Just Scraping By
  • Miracle On Ice
  • One Plow Two Plow Red Plow Blue Plow
  • Orange You Glad To See Me
  • Plower To The People
  • Point Of Snow Return
  • Say It Ain't Snow
  • Scoop! There It Is
  • Snow And Tell
  • The Name's Plow, Snowplow

This year marks the third year in a row that the Minnesota Department of Transportation has run their Name A Snowplow Contest. It's proven to be a popular way of having some fun during an otherwise cold, dreary winter. The winning names from the last two years are available on MNDOT's official website.

MNDOT was also in the news this week - approving the long range plan that will guide their transportation decisions over the next twenty years. The 2022-2041 Statewide Multimodal Transportation Plan (SMTP) is part of their regular review process.

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