Shopping online is so incredibly easy and convenient. But there is one slight downfall, you never know for sure what you are getting until the item comes in the mail. There are times were you rejoice and thank the lord it came better than you could have imagined. Then other times, you wonder if you were even sent the correct item it looks so different from the picture online.

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You really need to do your due diligence when shopping online. Read reviews, learn a little more about the company and definitely find out if they can be trusted and how easy it will be to get a refund if needed. The reason you do that is in case something like what happened to this Minnesota Vikings fan, happens to you.

Despite the Vikings not getting past the first round of the playoff's, we had an exciting 13-4 season. We had the biggest comeback in NFL history, by returning from a 33 point deficit to beat the Indianapolis Colts in December. 61 yard field goal was made by Greg Joseph on Christmas Eve to win the game against the New York Giants.

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But, arguably, one of the best games of the season was against the Buffalo Bills. Who could forget former Vikings player Stefon Diggs making his one handed catch, only to be upstaged by Justin Jefferson with a one handed catch that will be talked about for years to come. Go ahead, watch it again!

It was a thing of beauty. What fan wouldn't want a souvenir of that to remember always? Which is probably what one fan was thinking when she was online and saw a picture of that moment framed ready to be hung on her wall with pride. Bu to anyone else out there, just be aware of what she soon found out was a BIG Minnesota mistake.

She took to the Minnesota Vikings Family group to share:

I got this in the mail today, for my late birthday present. I was so excited and waited patiently for two weeks for it to arrive. We ordered it off the NFL shop, did anyone else order there and received it with a spelling error? I'm pretty disappointed :( it's not the end of the world, but the OCD in me is screaming.

Then she shared a framed photo of the one handed catch, with this written on it:




Did you catch the mistake? Read it again just in case. I didn't make the mistake, it's honestly what was on the framed souvenir she had received. They had spelled MINNESOTA wrong! For real? I feel that's actually a word that auto correct catches and they still got it wrong. Talk about disappointing.

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In regards to asking if anyone else had the same mistake, she wasn't the only one. Someone else shared they got the same souvenir with the same misspelling of Minnesota. Both were in surprising good spirits despite the error, but it was a good warning to anyone else looking to purchase the item.

Not everything you buy online is what it appears to be in the pictures, so buy with caution and SKOL!

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