Warren Formo the Executive Director of the Minnesota Agriculture Water Resources Center (MAWRC) was my guest on Tuesday's AM Minnesota Program. Whenever there is a water issue Warren and the MAWRC is who I call. It could be an water quality issue in the field or a proposed regulation or law in St. Paul or Washington D.C. One of the major parts of the MAWRC is the Discovery Farms. The Discover Farm concept was developed in Wisconsin and adopted in Minnesota.

High tech equipment is set up on the edge of a farm and water is monitored for sediment and crop nutrients. Last January there was a Discovery Farms Conference to go over the research data from all the farms in Wisconsin and Minnesota. It was so well attended that another conference was planned for this January. The conference is being held but the COVID-19 pandemic changed the format.

The Discovery Farms conference is being held each Wednesday virtually. Sessions were already held this month and will continue through January. All the sessions were and will be recorded so anyone can watch them when you have time. All you have to do is go to the MAWRC website and then go to their Facebook page. There is no charge to watch the sessions live or to view them later. Click on the link above and listen to the AM Minnesota Program with Warren Formo.

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