The roar of the engines, the sound of the crowd yelling and hollering for their driver to win, the smell of exhaust hanging in the humid air would have been all too common for those attending races at the Cannon River Speedway in Morristown while it was in operation from 1968 - 1980. How about we stroll down the straight-away we call memory lane?

In a video posted to YouTube by user Jacob Dahle, you can relive some of the feelings people would get on race day. From the cars being brought into town for the race, the oval itself, to packing up and heading back home dirty and tired, but still wearing a smile as you just had the time of your life in a 3/8 mile oval for a few minutes. stated that the track used to run Friday nights, and featured hobby stocks, late model sedans, and of course sprintcars.

Check out some of the stills taken from the video!

Image Credit: Youtube User Jacob Dahle
Image Credit: YouTube User Jacob Dahle

The car number 23, was Jacob's grandfather Larry Dahle, and the footage comes from the late 60's and early 70s the heyday for small dirt-track oval racing in our area.

The racetrack now sits as part of a campground just outside of Morristown. You can still see the remnants of the track from Google Maps, and at least one Facebook page devoted to the ol' dirt oval exists and shows that an outside wall and a portion of an inside wall still exist. You can see the Facebook page for the Cannon River Speedway here. 

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