This year farmers that have land in "High Priority" areas in Rice County can receive $45 an acre for planting cover crops. This is part of the new Cannon River Comprehensive Watershed Management Plan. The watersheds in Rice County that would be eligible for the higher cover crop payments include the watersheds of Cedar, Hunt, and Fox lakes, and the Prairie Creek and Little Cannon Watersheds.

Even if you do not have land in one of those priority areas you still would likely be able to receive a $35 an acre payment for planting cover crops through the Rice County SWCD's Cover Crop Incentive Program. Funding is limited so if you are interested contact the Rice County SWCD at 507-332-5408.

In addition Steve Pahs District Manager at the Rice County SWCD said most county SWCD's have incentive programs for planting cover crops. They all are different as it is determined by each SWCD Board of Directors. I am familiar with the cover crop incentive programs in the counties I have land in and yes, they are all different. So, no matter which county you have land in, check with your local SWCD office about the programs that are available for planting cover crops!

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