What were the most popular names of 2020? HealthPartners has released their list of the top baby names of 2020, based on it's birth centers in Wisconsin and Minnesota.

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Over the past few years, you can definitely see some trends.


The top 5 boys names at HealthPartners combined locations were:

  1.  Noah
  2. James
  3. Finley
  4. Charles
  5. Mateo

The top 5 girl names at HealthPartners birth centers were:

  1. Evelyn
  2. Isla
  3. Eleanor
  4. Nora
  5. Emma


In 2019, the top boy names were:

  1. Henry
  2. Oliver
  3. William
  4. Theodore
  5. Jack

In 2019, the top girl names were:

  1. Olivia
  2. Evelyn
  3. Charlotte
  4. Nora
  5. Amelia


In 2018, the top boys names were:

  1. Henry
  2. Oliver
  3. William
  4. Liam
  5. Theodore

The girls were:

  1. Evelyn
  2. Olivea
  3. Charlotte
  4. Emma
  5. Harper


According to Nameberry.com, those people expecting a baby in January of 2021, may want to consider names that reflect the season that they are born. As January is a reflection of winter and new beginnings, these names may be those you want to consider when naming your daughter:

  • Aurora: Meaning dawn...(I guess you could also name your daughter Dawn).
  • Nova: Meaning new.
  • Nadia: Meaning Hope.
  • Hope: Also meaning Hope. Hello.
  • Winter: Self explanatory.

For boys, names in January are sometimes related to famous figures born in January:

  • Alexander: For Alexander Hamilton
  • Edgar: For Edgar Allen Poe
  • Winter: For obvious reasons.
  • Franklin
  • Lorenzo


I can see why these names have never made it to the top five. If this is your name, you are....unique.

Snowdrop.    (Need I say more).
Eirlys. This is a Welsh name also meaning Snowdrop. I like it. If my name was actually Snowdrop, I would probably legally change it to Eirlys, or have people call me Snow for short. On a side note, my Grandmother's maiden last name was Snow.

For boys, Wolf is sort of a cool name, but their are other names I've never heard like:

Fintan: meaning white fire or white bull.
Janus: boys name meaning gateway.

What names would you like to see on this list? It's pretty neat. If you're having a baby, and looking for some original, unique, or popular names, this is a great place to look.


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