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Lakeville restaurant Alibi Drinkery has been defying Governor Walz's executive order to shut down in-person dining since the middle of December. On Thursday, the Dakota County District Court imposed a $3,000 fine per day that they remain open.

Governor Walz announced that there would be no indoor dining for the time being in mid-November. Based on Alibi's Facebook, they re-opened despite these orders on December 16th. Photojournalist Aaron Lavinsky captured some photos from that day showing people less than 6 feet apart and not wearing masks.

The Dakota County District Court "had imposed a temporary injunction on Dec. 31 but Alibi continued to violate the orders," according to KSTP. Because the restaurant continued to violate orders, Minnesota Attorney General Keith Ellison's office says that the court "found Alibi Drinkery in contempt" and is now fining them $3,000 per day. Keith Ellison said, "'I am grateful that the court recognized the severity of the pandemic and the harm that Alibi’s flagrant violation of the law is causing Minnesotans.'"

Alibi was graffitied earlier this week by someone who was angry that the restaurant has remained open. You can find that story HERE.

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