The Kenyon Veterans Color Guard is organizing a 4th of July Parade for the community similar to the cruising parade held for Memorial Day.  Color Guard spokesman Mike "Mac" McDonald told Kenyon-Wanamingo Area News listeners on KDHL today about their idea.

"We need a 4th of July parade to celebrate America." He said, "We haven't had anything over the 4th of July because our good friends to the east in Wanamingo have always had something.  We've helped them by participating.  This year with everything going on the're not going to do that so we're going to have a parade much like we did Memorial Day."

"We'll lead it off at 10:00 a.m. from The Kenyon-Wanamingo High School parking lot.  Anyone is welcome to join in.  Decorate your golf cart, four wheeler, car, motorcycle, bicycle, tractor, lawn tractor and be at the parking lot by 9:45 a.m."

"Social distancing" is being encouraged he noted which is why the route goes all over town so people can watch from their front yards and not all go in mass to the downtown area where parades are typically held.

McDonald says, "Just to get out and wave flags and honor America. So much has happened in the last few months we have to get back to remember this is still America."

The route is pretty much the same as the Memorial Day event.

From KWHS parking lot east on 6th Street to Forest Street.  North to 4th, then west to State Street, turn north to go in front of the Sunset Home, cross Gunderson Boulevard to 1st Street east.  Cross Highway 56 at the Kenyon Market.  Go north on Langford Avenue to swing around Slee Street ending at Kenyon Veterans Memorial Park.

There will be no program in the park.

Organizers are also asking people not to set off any fireworks during the parade.  Cap guns or anything because there will be horses and they don't want them to get startled which would be dangerous for the riders.

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