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A unique ice cream shop opened its doors earlier this month in the Southern Minnesota town of New Ulm. The shop is called MN EIS. They sell sweet treats but also a unique German ice cream treat called spaghettieis. We'll get to that later.

MN EIS' opening day was Thursday, June 18th and it seems like it was a huge success looking at their pictures on their Facebook page! According to their website, their hours are Monday through Saturday 11 AM - 9 PM and Sundays 11 AM - 7 PM.

Now, what the heck is eis and spaghettieis?! Eis is German for ice and it's actually pronounced the same too. Spaghettieis is a super interesting, unique looking German ice (or eis) cream treat.

My husband has talked about spaghettieis before. He visited Germany once and remembers how delicious spaghettieis is. When he told me about it I wasn't sure I was hearing him correctly. Spaghetti ice? That sounds disgusting.

But don't judge a book by its cover! Spaghettieis, as Bring Me the News describes it, is "vanilla ice cream in noodle shapes with a strawberry topping and white chocolate resembling parmesan cheese." So the point is to make it look like spaghetti but it's actually ice cream. How confusing! But it also sounds delicious!

MN EIS also sells Eiskaffees which is a German ices coffee that's kind of like a root beer float, eis cream, tons of candy, fudge, edible cookie dough, and cookies. I don't know about you, but all of that sounds like many good reasons to take the drive out to New Ulm to give this place a try.

Check out how they make spaghettieis!

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