As if there isn't enough to worry about these days but this danger has always been here. It amazes me that in the last 15 years only 420 people have been killed by lightning.

I'm guessing that since everyone, from an early age, is pretty much taught to take shelter from lightning is the main reason there are so few fatal strikes.

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In Minnesota, these are the activities that pose the greatest chance of being struck by a bolt of lightning.

Fishing.  10% of fatal lighting strikes happen to people fishing. There's really not much shelter out on the lake. Combine that with sitting in an aluminum boat there's a pretty good chance of getting zapped.

At the beach.  Once again, out in the open. I remember a guy in Florida walking on the beach with his girlfriend and was hit by lightning from a storm 10 miles away. I always wondered if he was telling his girlfriend "If I'm lying, may God strike me dead".

Camping.  Out in the open seems to be the theme here.

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Farming or ranching.  Once again, hanging out in those wide open spaces seems to not be a good idea in a lightning storm.

Riding a bike, motorcycle or ATV.  Living in Florida, where it storms just about every afternoon, I remember several stories of people getting beaned on their bikes.

Outdoor social gatherings.  You really can't avoid these functions all your life.

Working on a roof or other construction.  The higher (elevation wise) you are the more likely you can be a victim of a lightning bolt.

I'm kind of surprised that golfing didn't rank right up there on the list. I mean, standing out in the open swinging a little lighting rod would seem to be the perfect scenario for a lightning strike.

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