When you work in a small office, you get to know people. You learn some things that most people don't know about you outside of work. Especially when you work in the ever-increasingly hard to keep private world of working in the media.

Ron Gold has been one of my key part-time people for a number of years. He takes care of the Saturday midday slot and the not-so-popular-to-work Sunday morning slot. This in addition to his job at the AT&T headquarters in Minneapolis.

He has a struggling family; his wife, Lori, has had many health issues. On Friday she faces a difficult open heart surgery. She has numerous blockages. It's going to be long and touch and go.

Ron and Lori, we want you to know we are pulling for you. Ron set up a GoFundMe page to try to help with some of the not-covered costs. Please help out if you can. If you can't financially, maybe just say some prayers that Lori will pull through.

Aaron Goldberg Photo
Aaron Goldberg Photo

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