The Lakeside Supper Club along Highway 13, just to the North of Montgomery, announced via social media yesterday afternoon that it would be closing its doors for good. The supper club has been for sale for several months according to a sign posted on the building.

The heartfelt post, from the owners, was composed while they sat at one of the tables inside the supper club near the fireplace.

This is George and Jayne and we are writing this as we sit at table 40, which is the table in front of the fireplace. We are making ourselves sit down and write what we have not wanted to write. It is with heavy hearts and profound sadness that we’re sharing what many of you have already sensed or known: Lakeside Supper Club is permanently closing.

The post continued stating how can one sum up an experience of owning restaurant in just a few paragraphs.

"This past year has been an extremely difficult one. We’ve all missed out on and lost so much. Our small family business is another COVID-19 casualty, added on to the long list of what we have all suffered. For the longest time, when we thought about our final service, we imagined a bittersweet but joyful goodbye party. We are deeply saddened that we are all losing out on this final celebration.
After 25 years, we want to thank everyone who has dined with us over the years. We are and will forever be immensely grateful to have been part of all your special occasions and this wonderful community."
According to a real estate listing online, George and Jayne Kukacka owned the Lakeside Supper Club for "24 years providing an authentic farm-to-table experience with fine dining in a casual setting overlooking Lake Pepin".

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