The 84th annual Kolacky Days Celebration is taking place Friday through Sunday in Montgomery.

The Kolacky is a well-known treat. It's a small dinner roll-like pastry that is folded, enclosing the filling in the center. The most common fillings include prune, poppyseed, apricot, apple, blueberry, and raspberry. Both the open-faced and closed-face Kolackys were made in former Czechoslovakia. The closed kolacky came into being because the fruit in the open-faced buns would get all over the workingman's lunch bucket. The men had their wives fold over the pastry so it wouldn't mess up the other things in the lunch bucket.

The first festival was held in 1929. So head to Montgomery check out some great baseball, an authentic Czech dinner, big blast inflatables and a new event, the U.S. National Championship of Prune Spitting, plus a whole lot more.

Gordy broadcast the AM Minnesota Show from Kolacky Days

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