Minnesota District 24 State Senator John Jasinski of Faribault announced on the KDHL AM Minnesota program today he will be running for another term.  Senator Jasinski touched on a few issues which will be part of the legislative session which begins tomorrow.

Jasinski said, "I will run.  I really enjoy what I do.  I feel very privileged to represent this area and I just really enjoy it.  I enjoy the people.  I enjoy the relationships and I really enjoy doing it.  As I told you once when I was mayor, if there's something you enjoy doing you should do it and I'm going to continue on."

He believes the top issue in the upcoming legislative session will be how to handle the state's projected budget surplus.  Jasinski says, "We'll have to decide what to do with that.  If there are some projects out there, we (GOP) would like to see some tax relief because the surplus tells us we are collecting too much.  Our reserves are at maximum levels to withstand any downturn in the economy.  The rainy day fund if you would call it that. I think the surplus will be 1.5 billion when we receive the next information."

Jasinski wants the bonding bill to be around a billion dollars.  He says the Governor is requesting over 2 billion and some legislators want a bonding measure of around 3 billion dollars.

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