The Hastings Police Department was called on Tuesday to a home in Hastings. The homeowner had woken up on Tuesday to discover a HUGE bullsnake in their bathtub. NO THANKS!

Bring Me the News reports that the homeowner managed to get the snake in a bag and then called the police. Two poor police officers were sent to wrangle the bullsnake. And of course one of them, Officer Mike Schmitz, had to pose for a photo with the snake.

The Hastings Police Department reported that they released the snake into a woodland area nearby.

Now, I know nothing about bullsnakes but this thing seems awfully big! But according to Reptiles Magazine bullsnakes can get up to 8 feet long. This one had to be about that size! They also say that bullsnakes are not venomous but can you imagine walking into your bathroom and an 8-foot long snake is looking back at you?!


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