The Rice County Fair will be naming three Ambassadors this year to promote the yearly fun-filled event in Faribault.  In the past a Fair Queen was crowned with 1st and 2nd Attendants.  The tradition was started as an idea by legendary KDHL Farm Director Dean Curtis in 1976.  With the change the three chosen to represent the Rice County Fair will all be equal and receive equal scholarship dollars once they have successfully completed their duties.

This year seven ladies have applied to be a Rice County Fair Ambassador although young men are also encouraged to apply.  All applicants must be between the ages of 16 and 20.  A crown will be used for female Ambassadors and a cowboy hat and bolo tie for males according to Rice County Fair Ambassador Committee Chair Gretchen Hohrman.

Hohrman told KDHL a complete list of expectations of the applicants and those chosen to be a Rice County Fair Ambassador were included on the application form each individual fills out.  Those forms are on the website.

I attended the Ambassador Contest Dinner at Bashers Sports Bar and Grill in Faribault with last year's Fair Royalty. Queen Megan Vikla of Lonsdale and 1st Attendant Zoe Nassif of Dennison.  2018 2nd Attendant was Hannah Singh of Northfield .

This year's Judges were also in attendance.  As soon as we receive biographical information on each of the applicants we will give you more specifics about the seven ladies competing in the first Rice County Ambassador Contest.

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