I'll admit that I stumbled across Jimmy Pofahl's professional baseball career by accident over the long holiday weekend. I was scrolling through Twitter while sitting on the deck enjoying an adult beverage when this color-restored photo and the word Faribault caught my eye. The Faribault alum made the show and was traded for some serious cash and later a big name player while playing only 3 years in the big leagues. 

His major league career starts back in 1940 and it involves the Minneapolis Millers, and quite honestly the future Minnesota Twins, the Washington Senators. According to
baseball-reference, Pofahl was traded from the Millers for 4 players to be named later and $40,000! Sounds like Pofahl must have been an exciting prospect for that much coin and 4 players to be involved as $40,000 in 1940 would be worth over $731,000 in
today's cash. (if you are curious as to the players that the Millers got in exchange they were 

Jimmy Pofahl played several different infield positions in his brief 3-year career in the majors. His only two home runs according to baseball-reference and the tweet above, came during his rookie year and were both inside-the-park home runs. Pofahl averaged a .220 batting average with his time in D.C.

In 1943 Pofahl was apart of a pretty big name trade that sent a multi-time All-Star to the Senators. Pofahl according to baseball-reference was traded in March of 1943 to the Philadelphia Athletics for cash and 8x All-Star outfielder Bob Johnson.

Pofahl never played Major League Baseball again after being traded to Philadelphia in 1943. In the book by Rob Kirkpatrick Cecil Travis of the Washington Senators: The War-Torn Career of an All-Star Pofahl's Senator's arrival is chronicled. 

Pofahl died in 1984 at the age of 67 in Owatonna with 2 career home runs, and 70 RBI's. I'll raise up a cold one to Jimmy Pofahl, for making it to the Major Leagues.

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