A24 has been teasing something called “Public Access” this summer. Most people thought they were going to launch some kind of streaming service, but the reality is almost the opposite. Instead, A24 is screening some of their most popular movies in the places they were made, on big outdoor billboards.

Here’s the full lineup of six movies. The press release I got actually included Google Maps coordinates for each one, so click the titles to see exactly where these billboards are:

Okay, but where’s MidsommarShow Midsommar in the middle of a solstice festival in Sweden you cowards!

I’m not sure I’m going to schlep up to Queens on a muggy August night to see Good Time again, but this is a really fun idea — and if I was in Sacramento for Lady Bird or wherever they’re showing The Witch for The Witch I’d make the effort to see those. (The Witch outdoors just sounds extra creepy.) Mostly I’m just glad I don’t have to pay for an A24 streaming service, because my bank account just can’t take any more monthly charges.

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