The Cleveland Indians issued a statement today (Monday, December 14, 2020) officially announcing their intention to change the Indians name.

Here is the official statement from their Twitter feed located at Cleveland Indians Statement on Twitter Feed.

The current Cleveland Major League Baseball team is located in the American League.  From 1879 to 1884 the Cleveland Blues were in the National League and from 1889 to 1899 the team was known as the Spiders also in the National League.

Cleveland is famous for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame so Cleveland Rockers might work.  Cleveland Rock and Rollers, what do you think?

Maybe they could honor the American Indians who inhabited Ohio by naming their team after one of the tribes that existed.  A few included Shawnee, Chippewa, Delaware and Eel River.

Famous American Indian leaders in Ohio included Tecumseh, Little Turtle and Blue Jacket.  Let's see the Cleveland Turtles.

I'm sure the Blues name came from being on the shores of Lake Erie.

There are just so many marketing things you could do with a logo of the Spiders don't you think?  Their merchandise sales store could be "The Spiders Web."

Cleveland has garnered some monikers over the years.  "Forest City" might be my favorite.  Cleveland Foresters works.

Toledo, Ohio has long had the Minor League Baseball Mud Hens.

I looked up the official state symbols for Ohio and found their official state drink adopted in 1965 is tomato juice.

How about the Cleveland Juicers?  Or would people associate that with juicing the baseball?



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