It would be hard to miss, but maybe you've got some outbuildings or are a rather untidy person, but the Dodge County Sheriff wants to know if you've been burgled and not reported it. Sheriff Rose is asking residents of Dodge County to check their property and see if anything is missing. Recently recovered stolen items in Minnesota indicate that some of the property recovered came from SE Minnesota, thanks to a pin.

An Oronoco Gold Rush Days pin was found in the stash of recovered stolen good from a Minnesota theft ring bust earlier this year, in another part of the state.

The post from Sheriff Rose also stated that "If this looks like your property, and you believe you've been the victim of a burglary, please report it to your local law enforcement agency. Go ahead and report to them the other property you believe may have been stolen with it."

Sheriff Rose wrote that you can tell your local authorities to reach out to his office with a list of your stolen goods and they will see if those goods are included in what was recovered in the bust.

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Minnesota statute 609.582 states that burglary is when someone "enters a building without consent and with intent to steal/or does steal".

The post from the Sheriff's Office didn't indicate a certain time from the burglaries may have taken place.

Recently the Rice County Sheriff and Faribault Police announced the arrest of a pair from Faribault in connection to a theft ring that stretched all the way to Brainerd.

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