Luke Bryan and his wife Caroline, who met during their college days at Georgia Southern University, are good NCAA Division 1 alum and know the value of a Heisman Trophy. That said, Bryan was able to use this fact as an unexpected advantage while hailing in the couple's long-standing tradition of "Pranksmas," the annual progression of pranks the country star couple unleash around Christmastime on both each other and unwitting participants.

This particular prank may have been a bit on the delayed side in terms of the Bryans sharing it with fans. Back in November, Luke let everyone know that his friend, former NFL star Tim Tebow, had given up his coveted Heisman for the Bryan family's favorite charity, the Brett Boyer Foundation.

The Heisman Trophy is awarded each year to the most outstanding player in NCAA football, so it's a pretty big deal, and Tebow managed to score the honor in 2007.

"Last year at the Red Bird Games," Bryan noted in a video, "Tim Tebow showed up to the Red Bird Games and offered up his Heisman up for auction to donate to the Brett Boyer Foundation. And my wife bid and won Tim Tebow's Heisman to be in our home."

All fine and well. The trophy was delivered for the Bryan family to keep for six months. However, Caroline details that both Luke and Tim made a fool out of her regarding the delivery.

In the video she posted to social media, a smiling Tebow tells fans that Luke has let him in on the fact that Caroline likes to play pranks, so he and Luke have decided to get her good in return.

"Right over here is a fake Heisman that's been smashed and in pieces and has been out in the rain," Tebow notes, helpfully showing off the real Heisman, which, of course is in perfect shape.

Guess which one Caroline got to unwrap when delivered? "Caroline is freaking out right now," chucked Tebow.

It gets better: Luke is shown on video saying "Tim Tebow just texted me and said he's in town," he intoned. "He said the Heisman was shipped here and he wants to come see the damn thing."

A visibly flustered Caroline protests that she said she never wanted the trophy to be sent to her. "I don't want to be responsible for that."

Luke responds, "Have you seen it?" to which Caroline bursts out with "I'm gonna throw up. This is exactly why I did not want it around here. I was like, my kids will touch it..."

They unwrap the "trophy" and Luke says in an abashed tone, "I guess they smushed the damn thing," while Caroline curses and says "I'm shaking."

"This is not the real Heisman," she protests, but still appears terrified until Tebow himself walks in with the real thing.

"That's the real Heisman," crows Luke, and they all howl with laughter at poor Caroline's expense.

"I think my blood pressure went to an all time high," wrote Caroline on her Instagram account. But never fear, she's got a long record of totally roasting her spouse during the holiday prank season, so we will be keeping an eye out (and we're sure Luke will be too) to see how she manages to exact revenge on him in the coming weeks!

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