On Friday night, my wife, our exchange student, and I headed out to check out the Minnesota Landscape Arboretum drive-thru light display. It was a good night for rolling down the window and snapping some pictures.

Arboretum Lights

On our drive to the arboretum, we passed Sever's light up drive-thru display along 169, and that was pretty cool. Sever's also when you buy your tickets gives you a swag bag, and they have music playing that you tune in to hear as you drive through the exhibit.

Going into the Arboretum drive-thru lights exhibit you aren't really sure what to expect, we've never done it, and when we bought tickets back in November for the event, it was a walk-thru event, which would have been really cool and quite frankly less rushed. We were done with the drive-thru in about 15 minutes.

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For the price, $15 a person for non-members, save your money. Don't get me wrong it was nice, but it was more hassle than needed. People are driving with their headlights off, and you aren't allowed to stop to really enjoy the experience.

I feel that if it had stayed as a walk-thru it would have been more enjoyable, but since you are stuck in your car, you can't really see all the details that go into some of the lit objects.

I'm not trying to sound grinchy, but there are better light displays for your buck out there, and some are even free.

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