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The arrest is actually serious news, but how he got caught puts this firmly in the Iowa Dough-Head file.

According to ourquadcities.com, in Davenport, Iowa's Scott County Jail, a guy is being held for eluding police, felony drug charges, and misdemeanors, too. That's where the story is now. But it began Sunday when he was driving his Buick and an Iowa trooper pulled him over for bad tags.

As the trooper was talking to the guy, official documents say he took off. The trooper got back in the cruiser and the chase hit more than 90-miles-per-hour! The guy was stacking his case with a pile of traffic violations, as so often happens in a chase on TV, but no one ever cares, right?


Well, the car-chase ended when the suspect's wheel broke off and the alleged dough-head fled while allegedly trying to throw drugs out from his fanny pack.  The guy was pretty fast, but he didn't watch where he was going and his foot caught a sprinkler and boom, down he went.

I can't be certain he was drenched, but that would be poetic, wouldn't it?

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