Minnesota farmers and nonprofit educational organizations wanting to test new ideas in sustainable agriculture can apply for the Minnesota Department of Agriculture's Sustainable Agriculture Demonstration Grant. The projects can last for two or three years and can be funded for up to $50,000, with applicants providing a dollar for dollar match on amounts above $25,000. Minnesota farmer applications will receive priority however, the program funds Minnesota nonprofit and educational organizations too if farmers are involved.

The Minnesota Department of Agriculture's Sustainable Agriculture Grant program is part of the Agriculture Growth, Research, and Innovation (AGRI) Program. The AGRI awards grants to farmers, agribusiness, schools throughout Minnesota. The goal is to advance Minnesota's agriculture and renewable energy sectors. Examples of projects that have been funded include exploring farm diversification, cover crops, crop rotation, conservation tillage, input reduction, plus alternative energies like wind, methane and biomass.

The deadline for applying for the Sustainable Agriculture Grant is 4:00 pm on Thursday December 10, 2020. For more information check with the Minnesota Department of Agriculture.

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